Urban Research Toolkit


Urban Research Toolkit is collaborative mapping framework for urban research, providing a contextual capacities within web and mobile applications.

  • Title Urban Research Toolkit
  • Date 2009 - ongoing
  • Collaborator Jane Pirone
  • Funder New School Provost's Office: Innovations in Education Fund



Datamine is an online web application that visual maps informaiton related to Parsons course content, syllabi, faculty expertise, interests & bios.

  • Title Datamining
  • Date 2008 - ongoing
  • Collaborator Jane Pirone
  • Funder Parsons Deans Office

Traversing the City


An installation presenting street level documentation and census data, to illuminate the challenges and possibilities found in the city of Wilmington today.

  • Title Traversing the City
  • Date2005
  • CollaboratorsStephen Metts, Boys & Girls Club
  • FunderDelaware Center for Contemporary Art

Tropical America

tropical america

Tropical America an online game that fuses the new world of video games to a compelling past through a journey to unravel the mysteries of the Americas.

  • Title Tropical America
  • Date 2002, a project of OnRamp Arts
  • CollaboratorsJuan Devis & Belmont High School students
  • FunderU.S. Department of Education

Inter: ReActive


Five cross-cultural, interactive narratives explore a layered experience of urban space along themes of magical realism, film noir, gaming, memory and mystery.

  • Title Inter:ReActive
  • Date2001, a project of OnRamp Arts,
  • CollaboratorsJuan Devis & Belmont High School Students
  • FunderU.S. Department of Education

Turning from the Millennium

turning from the millennium

An interactive exploration of South Central LA and Echo Park, two historic neighborhoods which have experienced radical demographic shifts, social upheaval, big city politics.

  • Title Turning from the Millennium
  • Date 2000, a project of OnRamp Arts
  • CollaboratorsStephen Metts & local High School students
  • FunderLos Angeles Culural Affairs

Electronic Corpse

turning from the millennium

A four-channel video sculpture inspired by the practice of the Exquisite Corpse, created with former UCSB students.

  • Title Electronic Corpse
  • Date 1998
  • CollaboratorsJosh Churchill, Jessica D'Elena and Robert Lee
  • FunderUC Santa Barbara Art