Dynamic Interface Design
Create a virtual project that explores a physical space.
Dynamic Interface Design
Create a virtual 'container' which loads in dynamic data.




STUDENT: Alexandra Weeks
This project explores the physical space of Times Square, in New York City, through the interface of reflective surfaces.

  STUDENTS: Jesus Sanchez and Sean McBride
Titled "Fun Box", this project creates an ironic and humorous version of online games.
  STUDENT: Mala Sarkar
This project explores history of Wellesley College's main library, using dynamic fades between historic and contemporary views.

  STUDENTS: Anita Yip, Agnes Chang, Alexis Frank
Using a subway car as the dynamic container, the passengers become dynamic elements.
  STUDENT: Agnes Chang
This project explores the physical space of a traditional Japanese Tea Room.

  STUDENTS: Yvonne Fulmore, Lauren Ito, Linda Fung
Using dynamic component of the human face, this project can render over 4 million variations.

Moving Image Studio
Create a silent video which uses editing to create rhythm
Architectonics & Installation
Special projects - proposed and designed by individual students.




STUDENT: Nami Song
This video takes us on a journey through the lost, the forsaken, the unexpected.

  STUDENT: Yuna Kim
This project explores the idea of directionality in a two-channel video installation.
  STUDENT: Zsuzsi Moricz
This project explores the architecture of the student center from a birds eye view.

  STUDENT: Danielle Hatch
Created from a series of 30 plaster castings of one person over the period of one month.
  STUDENT: Nandita Ahmed
Alternating dance steps provide a unique and compelling dialog.

  STUDENT: Emily Arauz
Created for the Boston CyberArts festival, this installation introduces the gallery exhibition "Imagining the 20th Century".

Dynamic Interface Design
Alter our view of something with interactivity
Virtual Form
Create a model of notable architecture in the local area.




STUDENTS: Kate Tetreaut and Stephanie Judge
This project explores quotidian spaces with a virtual camera.

  STUDENTS: Amanda Davidson and Christie Roach
This project details the exterior and interior of the Walter Gropius House in Lincoln, MA.
  STUDENT: Sean McBride
This project plays with the idea of 'the critical moment', from which one cannot return.

  STUDENTS: Gowun Kim and Yuling Wang
This projects details the interior and exterior of Wellesley College's Science Center.
  STUDENT: Diana Kim and Marie Ayabe
This project presents and remixes a dance sequence using random playback.

  STUDENTS: Leslie Lok and Kimberly Huestis
This project details the interior and exterior of Corbusier's Carpenter Center, at Harvard University.

Digital Imaging
Appropriate a familiar image(s) and change its context.
Digital Imaging
Create a 'type as image' using a common saying.




Sources: Absolute vodka campaign & Warhol series

  STUDENTS: Mishka Morgus
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
  STUDENT: Anna Adams
Sources: photo of Albert Einstein & Rolling Stones graphic

  STUDENTS: Amy Wong
"There's a fine line between insanity and genius"
  STUDENT: Jennifer Diaz
Sources: Army slogan & Iraq photo.

  STUDENTS: Stella Del Rosario
"Music is harmony, harmony is perfection, perfection is our dream, and our dream is heaven"